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Online doctor consultations using your desktop or phone

SwiftDoc provides online video consultations with a doctor using your phone or desktop. We SMS e-prescriptions to your phone or pharmacy anywhere in Australia. We can even deliver your medication for free. We email you medical certificates, referrals for blood tests and imaging and send your results to you.

We can also refer you to any specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist or allied health professionals. We can also easily complete forms and paperwork for you. We also see nursing home patients. We can take over your GP care. 18 out of 20 of the most common problems seen in General Practice can be managed safely through video conferencing. There are some obvious examples of conditions that SwiftDoc cannot treat e.g Emergencies. In case of an Emergency please call Triple Zero (000)

Access to everyday doctor and specialist services at your fingertips

No travel hassles or delays

After hours GP services

Prescriptions by SMS to your phone or any pharmacy

Medical certificates emailed to you

Referrals to specialists emailed to you

Arrange xrays, CTs, MRIs, ultrasounds & blood tests

Our Online Doctor Consultations Cover:

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Repeat Prescriptions
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Blood Tests
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Medical Certificates
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Sexual Health Check-ups
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Weight Loss
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Dietician Consultations
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Repeat Prescriptions
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Hair Loss Clinic
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Mental Health Counselling & Psychology
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Travel Vaccinations
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After-hours GP appointments
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Completing forms for you
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Delivery of Medication
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Occupational Health Services
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General health advice
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Second Opinions
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Imaging referrals
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Referrals to Specialists
Colds, Coughs and Flus
Diarrhoea and Vomiting
Mental Health
UTIs (urine infections)
Sports Injuries
Skin rashes
Sore throats
Quit Smoking

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