Benefits of an online doctor

Benefits of an online doctor

August 3rd, 2019

Benefits of an online doctor

Thinking about trying an online doctor? We’ve compiled a list of benefits for you.

Have you been considering trying an online doctor service but not sure if it is for you?  We’ve put together a list of practical benefits that might just persuade you to give it a try.


Benefits of an online doctor - flexible

We’re an entirely online service, so it is super-flexible for you (and for us!).  Because we’re online, it means that we can have a video consult with you no matter where you are.  At a café, in a tent, at your desk, on your back deck…It all works via either our website, or our app (download it for iPhone or Android), and you can use a laptop, desktop, tablet, iPad or phone.  Whichever suits you best.  Can’t get more flexible than that!


Benefits of an online doctor - open

Ever noticed that you don’t necessarily get sick during business hours?  We’re open every day from 8:00am to 10:30pm so we’re here when it suits you.  We’re also open weekends and public holidays!  That’s pretty handy if you can’t get away from work, or need to wait until the kids are in bed, or have woken up unwell on a Sunday morning. 

No Travel

Benefits of an online doctor - no travel

You might only need to chat to a doctor for 10 minutes or so, but factor in sitting in traffic, finding a park, sitting in the waiting room, and then getting home again, and all of a sudden you might have used up an hour or two of your day.  Speaking to an online doctor means you avoid all those unnecessary travel hassles.

Cost Effective

Benefits of an online doctor - cost effective

With an online doctor there are no surprises.  You can choose the type of appointment you need, and view all the pricing.  Not only that, but you’ve also saved money by not needing to take time off work or arranging childcare to come and see us.  Plus you’ve saved on travel costs and parking. 

Continuity of Care

Benefits of an online doctor - continuity of care

With your regular GP being an online doctor you can still speak to them when you are away on holiday or on a work trip.  That’s because we come with you wherever you go – sitting in your pocket on your device ready for when you need us.  Continuity of care means you don’t have to explain your history every time – we already know it!

Improved Access

Benefits of an online doctor - improved access

This is a great one for those who live in rural or remote locations, or small communities where there aren’t enough GPs to go around.  With an online doctor you avoid long waits for appointments, and have ready access to a wide range of practitioners who can help with all sorts of medical needs.  We don’t replace emergency assistance (call Triple Zero 000 for that), but we can help you to get greater access to high quality medical care.

So if you think any of those benefits might apply to you, why not give SwiftDoc a go?  You’re just a few clicks away from professional, friendly medical care. 

This website does not provide medical advice.  It is intended for informational purposes only.  It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment.  If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately dial Triple 0 (000).


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