Getting to know Dr McMahon

Getting to know Dr McMahon

November 12th, 2020

Dr Richard McMahon

It’s not surprising that in a GP-patient relationship your GP knows far more about you than you know about them.  After all it is a GP’s job to know and understand you so they can support you and your family.

SwiftDoc founder Dr Richard McMahon evened out that imbalance recently when he spoke to Australian healthtech website Doctology about his childhood, early career, and how he came to be a doctor and pioneer in the healthtech space.

The article is a great little five-minute read so we won’t repeat it here, but we thought we’d give you a few snippets of info that you might not know about Dr McMahon:

  • Dr McMahon has a twin brother, which led to the ability to play many pranks as youngsters
  • Dr McMahon wanted to be a doctor from a young age, helped along by a couple of trips to A&E!
  • Dr McMahon became a junior doctor at the very same hospital that treated him for a broken bone as a youngster.
  • Dr McMahon’s interest in medicine and technology made the move into healthtech an obvious one – opening up a whole new world with endless possibilities.

Read the article here.

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